Book Review – Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson


Book: Twisted

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Series Number: Not a series.

Length of Book: 250 Pages, 78 Chapters

Theme: Depression, False Accusations, Bullying, Rape, Suicide, Teenage Boys, Sex, Self Harm

Personal Review: I got this book because I had heard of the author before. She wrote the book called “Speak”, a book my sister had read when I was little. Once I started reading the book, two people told me that the book is “Really messed up.” I didn’t find it to be messed up, it had minor rape references, a bit of self harm, and a lot of talking of suicide, so if you’re not into that this wouldn’t be the best book for you. It was perfect for me, though. I liked it, It slightly grabbed me in and kept me reading, but like, I wasn’t dying to read it while I was doing my school work. It was okay, a good read, but not the best I’ve ever read, you know? Maybe I’m thinking that way because I just read an amazing book before this, though.

Summary: Tyler used to be a typical loser. Small and scrawny. Weak. Unnoticed, unless he was being made fun of. No one cared about him. But he was going to change that! After, well, breaking the law, and totally getting caught, his rep actually went up a bit. Then after working all year he got tanned and tough, and people were actually noticing him! Including, wait for it, Bethany Milbury. The hottest girl in school. And she was noticing Tyler! But after a party where everyone got  drunk, and being framed for compromising pictures of a girl.. just what will happen to Tyler?

Time it took me to read it: Two days.

Do I recommend it?: Yes, but not to anyone who’s iffy with suicide, self harm, rape, and junk like that. This book may be a touchy subject for some.

Age Recommendation: 15+

Rating: 5.5/10