Book Review – Don’t Look Behind You by Lois Duncan


Book: Don’t Look Behind You

Author: Lois Duncan

Series Number: Not a Series

Length of Book: 176 Pages, 18 Chapters & Epilogue

Theme: Witness Protection Program, Murder, Hitman, Life Changing

Personal Review: I got this book since I read another book by Lois Duncan and liked it so much. I found it a little hard to get into the book at first, but it could’ve just been my mood. I found the book was good, but only twice did I find myself actually suspenseful in the moment. It wasn’t the best from Lois Duncan, but that could be just because I prefer paranormal books, and the last I read from her was just that. Overall, a good book, but not very grabbing.

Summary: Alice Corrigan’s life it about to change. Literally. No, you don’t understand, her father is shot at and is holding important information, and she literally has to change who she is, everything about her, even give up her long beautiful locks and loose connection to her loving boyfriend as she and her family are put in the witness protection program. She is sent across the country and into a new town full of new people. It’s utterly terrible. Will they ever get back to their home town? Will they ever be safe?

Do I recommend it?: Yes, I do! It was an easy read, but not very grabbing. I did get a little confused at parts. It took me about three hours to read.

Age Recommendation: 14-18

Rating: 5/10





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