Book Review – The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan



Book Name: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Author: Carrie Ryan

Series Number: 1

Length of Book: 309 Pages, 36 Chapters

Theme: Romance, Post Apocalyptic, Zombies

Review: I absolutely adored this book. I found it after I got into The Walking Dead, and the post apocalyptic-ness about it drew me in. When I started to read it, I didn’t even know it was about Zombies! In this book, they call the zombies ‘Unconsecrated’, which means not holy, impure, or defiled. This story takes place after ‘The Return’, or, the zombie apocalypse. But it’s not what you’d expect. No, this takes place years after The Return, so long that people don’t remember much about it, like what happened, what the world was before, or even the ocean. The ocean is a myth to main character Mary believes in to no end. But she can’t visit it, for she is locked inside a forest. Not just any forest, but the Forest of Hands and Teeth. But the unconsecrated are not the only problem. She is also in love with a boy that is promised to someone else. Will she ever leave her small town, where everyone must follow the rules of the nun like sisters? Will she escape, and find the ocean? Will her forbidden love work out? Or, will the Unconsecrated find their way into their town and kill them all?

Recommendation: This book has become one of my favorites, and I have already recommended it to all my friends. It gets a little… sensual at times, so I do recommend it to teenagers to adults.